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About us

A Legacy of Sweetness

Sharman Jain Sweets is a rich philosophy of innovative sweets and savouries. We work from the heart, with passion to craft authentic sweets and savories with an inimitable character that’s truly the taste of royal India. From lavish kaju sweets, to pure ghee delicacies and freshly made savories, every morsel is imagined and created with a single intent, to deliver joy - true. We constantly improve and innovate to serve our customers better

Team Work

We will work as a TEAM. We will work with utmost Brotherhood & Team Spirit to achieve greater organization as well as personal goal. We will play role of mentor for upliftment of our future resources


We will be dedicated and determined to deliver, whatever we promise in-time. We will not over commit and under deliver. We will complete what we have started and bring it to a logical end

Innovative Solution

We will constantly break our paradigms by entering into the unknown. We will constantly research, formulate and deliver innovative solutions.

The Legacy of
Sharman Jain Sweets

Sharman Jain Sweets is a rich philosophy of innovative sweets and savouries. Each and every product is duly crafted by chefs having years of culinary expertise. We put whole-hearted efforts in each of our sweets & savoury to give you the taste that will linger on your mind. Since its inception in 1995, we worked hard to offer our clientele best quality products wrapped in traditional cordiality. Thus… today we possess the reputation of being one of the leading firms in this trade.


Quality that delights, in every bite.

Over decades, Sharman Jain Sweets has grown to be synonymous with premium quality Indian sweets. Using technique, skill and science, our mithai artisans have perfected our recipes, packaging and processes. At hygienic, state-of the-art making facilities of sweets everyday to deliver noticeable freshness, patrons can feel, taste and enjoy. Only absolutely fresh, carefully selected ingredients sourced from the best across the country go into making every bite.